Selected LID Reference Materials
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 Low Impact Development: Stormwater Management Meets Environmental Protection
 in July 2004 CE News
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 LID Clearinghouse
This web-based clearinghouse allows researchers, practitioners, and program managers to share information about ongoing LID projects. The technical and administrative information available through the Clearinghouse will be useful to permit writers, local government officials, watershed managers, and stakeholders. Entries in the project database are organized as Ordinances, Technical Guidance, Demonstration of Effectiveness, and/or Outreach and Education.
 IMP References
Integrated Management Practices (IMPs) are small-scale, distributed, onsite stormwater management devices. They are also known as decentralized controls or LID Best Management Practices (BMPs). Click on an IMP for more information.
Bioretention Green roofs Permeable pavement Tree box filters
Filter strips Soil amendments Rain barrels Downspout disconnection
 Design Guides
Follow the National Publications link to download the national LID Hydrologic Analysis and Design Strategies manuals, prepared by the Prince George's County, Maryland Department of Environmental Resources. Also, many state stormwater manuals now provide guidance on designing IMPs.
National Publications National Bioretention Manual