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Welcome to the LID Sustainable School Projects Website



The following page contains images that are also located throughout this web module. They are provided here for your convenience.  Please click on the thumbnail for an enlarged view.  Information about permission to use images [click here].


pH Scale

(Source: Low Impact Development Center)

Scientific Method

(Source: Low Impact Development Center)

Key Elements of Low Impact Development

(Source: Low Impact Development Center)

Rain Barrel

Simple rain barrel design. (Source: Maryland DNR Green Building Program)

Rain Barrel

Typical rain barrel set-up for a residential property. (Source: District of Columbia Water & Sewer Authority)

Rain Barrel

Rain barrel set up on school grounds. (Source: Low Impact Development Center)

Bioretention Area

(Source: Low Impact Development Center)

Bioretention Landscaping

(Source: Low Impact Development Center)

Butterfly in a Rain Garden

Native flowers


Bioretention/Rain Garden

Cross-section of bioretention/rain garden

Bioretention/Rain Garden


**Note: It is permissible to download images when the source is the Low Impact Development Center.  For all other images please request permission from the original source. 


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Sustainable School Projects will:

  • Develop educational and recreational landscapes
  • Provide sense of ownership and pride
  • Enhance community awareness
  • Support current curriculum
  • Low cost to school


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